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Picking the right colouring pens

Picking the right colouring pens

How to pick the right colouring pens…

Are they water soluble? This is a must when buying for young children! A good range of colours and good quality tips is essential. Tinc has all of these points covered. A lot of children tend to press quite firmly when colouring in so it’s important their favourite felt tips can stand up to this. Double tipped pens are great as they will last twice as long withstanding the most vigorous colouring in.

Storage is also important, we know they will eventually end up strewn under beds and sofas, but if they come in a case it’s easier to keep them all together for longer. It also encourages children to look after them properly taking care not to lose any from the box. They can also be packed in a bag with a colouring book when going on holiday or out to a restaurant.

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